Financing Working Capital

Finlinx’s working capital solutions are designed for two main types of clients:

  • growing companies that need additional capital to fuel their growth and take advantage of additional business opportunities, or
  • companies that require re-financing or re-structuring of their existing financial structure

Most conventional lenders provide financing only to those companies whose financial ratios fit within certain conservative, narrowly defined parameters. Finlinx has developed a different approach to help you with your working capital needs.

First, we will review your requirements, your company’s credit standing and your financial information. Second, we will propose a comprehensive solution which is tailor made for your unique situation. This solution typically is comprised of a combination of financial products from different financial institutions. These may include: term loans, asset-based financing, revolving lines, factoring or other receivables financing.

If you are looking any kind of operating loan facility, please click the gold bar, and we will be glad to assist you.